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How to Tone Balayage for Dimension

I see a lot of stylists wondering how to get the 'ombre look combined with Balayage. Salana Hair Studio specialized in Balayage and Custom Color and we wanted to share with other stylists and guests how we make the magic happen. There are so many different techniques with Balayage. Open air hand painting, Foils, Cellophane, Hi-Lights with a shadow...etc. Some of them can result in similar looks, some are completely different. I wanted to focus on one type of balayage look that we do a lot in Salana Hair Studio here in Tahoe City. We have a lot of mountain ladies wanting very low maintenance hair color. But that doesn't mean they don't want to look great!

I typically use foils, even though the client wants the Balayage look. Foils gives you the full control of the lift of the hair so you can get the client those bright blonde pieces. If you do enough foils in the hair with backcombed sections, the highlights will be beautifully blended. I typically do not tone any lower than a 9N, espcially toward the mids and roots. If there is still half or their natural level next to highlights, they will blend and what you will see is the two levels combined. So a level 6 with level 9 highlights will look like a 7/8 by the top. So although you are toning with a 9, it will appear darker since the hilights are surrounded by the natural 6N.

Salana Hair Studio takes each client as a unique case though as we all know everyones hair is different. Even within Salana Hair Studio, each of our stylists have unique techniques. If you are interested amazing Balayage, Foiliage, Custom Color or an amazing hair cut, come visit one of our stylists here in Tahoe City at Salana Hair Studio. We can make anything happen with the right consultation and the right tools! Come see us for the best balayage in Lake Tahoe with the best stylists and best hair in town!

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