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Barber Services

Hair Sculpting

Personal consolation, precision haircut with shampoo & conditioning massage, hot towel treatment, straight razor neck trim and finalized with style.


Straight Razor Design

*Text picture of design for exact pricing.


Classic Dome Shave

Relax and experience a hot-towel prep with essential oils, a professional straight razor shave, deep cleansing, moisturizing massage and toning treatment.


Beard & Mustache' Trim

Detailed edging and grooming to keep your facial hair in shape with organic locally made beard oil or wax.


Neck Trim

Stay sharp with a straight razor in between appointments.



Vintage to Viking Styles


SALANA Hair Studio is a group of independent stylists who have come together to work within one location. We all operate our own small business and go to great lengths to ensure that our salon meets the highest standards. We strive for professionalism, we value continuing education and we teach and learn from each other.  Together, the stylists have years of experience and backgrounds in which they have trained with the industry’s most renowned names. We utilize this experience and expertise to manage our salon collectively so that all our stylists’ and their clients’ needs are met in the most appropriate manner. This means that you, the client, receive the ultimate in care and attention to detail when it comes to both your overall experience in our salon and all of your hair care needs.



Stylists at SALANA operate as independent contractors and their pricing, forms of payment and services vary. All services include complimentary consultation. Appointments cancelled less than 24hours in advance are subject to the charge of the missed service.

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